What’s Your Video Content Strategy?

About Us

Who We Are

LAcontent is a Southern California based video production company that helps entrepreneurs, small businesses & organizations develop online video content strategies for marketing and social media platforms.

We provide videography services, promotional online video, and assistance with online video content strategy for individuals, small businesses, organizations and companies throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.

What We Do

  • Assistance with planning video content strategies across various online platforms.
  • Video production & videography for individuals, small businesses, organizations and companies.
  • Setup of social media for online ad campaigns.
  • Activation of video content online and on social media platforms.

Videos We’ve Made

Our Approach

How We Can Help 

Our objective is to solve the most important problems faced by businesses & organizations when developing an effective video content strategy to communicate with customers. These include:
  • Time – We take the time to come up with ideas so you can focus on what you need to.
  • Experience & Expertise – We have and work with professionals who know how to write, shoot and edit a video that will do what you need it to do.
  • Equipment – We use professional, high quality equipment.
  • Budget – We keep costs low.

Why Video is Important For Small Business

Video has exploded across all platforms and it’s only going to get more popular. Learning how to become fluent in this form of communication is quickly becoming a necessity.

  • Video content gives small business a chance to connect with new and existing customers. 
  • Well-produced video content is essential for creating a credible brand image.
  • Video comprises more than 80% of all internet traffic.
  • Video is the best way to tell your story, and to get your message out there.

Who Uses Our Content


Video Production Services for Small Business

  • Brand Videos
  • Small Business Video Marketing
  • Social Media Videos
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Video Content Strategy
  • How-to Videos
  • Video Production Services
  • Videography
  • Emotional storytelling
  • Product Videos
  • Client Testimonial
  • Non-profit videos